Company portrait

Here we present ourselves within the bound of our manufacturing programme as a efficient and qualified producer of steel-chimneys, tanks and silos as well as welded constructions.

To our manufacturing programme belong:

  • steel-chimneys according to DIN 4133, standing free or supported,
    steel-chimneys with steel-trestle,
    steel-chimneys with concrete supporting stalk and steel pipes inlet
  • tanks and silos for all possible needs in storage of liquid or gaseous goods as well as tip-goods;
    each with load- and unload-devices
  • components of smoke-gas-de-sulphur-plants
  • air-and smoke-gas-pipes, complete with silencers

Our technical department prepares for the individual plant components:

  • statical calculations
  • construction- and workshop- drawings
  • welding- and X-ray- plans
  • inspection- and installation- documents

Our qualifications for the manufacturing of building parts that need inspection are:

  • the Comprehensive Form of Verification according to DIN 18 800T7
  • the stipulated examination after §19 1 WHG for the person technical in charge to manufacture high-tanks according to DIN 4119
  • the authorisation as branch-concern according to § 19 1 WHG and TRbF 503
  • the MoT-certificate (TÜV-113 BM 36 010) for the production of a observation space at tanks according to DIN 4119
  • the authorisation HP 0 for the production of pressure-tanks, including the authorisation to restamp goods

Quality Management System:

  • since November 1993 we maintain a Quality Management System (QMS) according to DIN EN ISO 9001,
  • we work corresponding to a Quality Management Manual
  • the hearing of certification was carried out successfully by the authorisation office of MoT south-west in January 1996 (report number: QM-F-95/317)

We process with high quality standards:

  • common structural steel according to DIN EN 10025
  • fine-grained steel according to DIN EN 10113
  • high temperature structural steel according to DIN EN 10028
  • high-grade steel according to DIN EN 10088 T2

Our plant contains all of the machines needed for sheet metal work, for example plate shears, brake press, drilling and turning machines, plate and shape bending machines and acetylene and plasma flame cutting machines.
To carry out mill and plane works we are co-operating with capable suppliers.
Furthermore all welding equipments for economic production like submerged arc welding, MAG, MIG and TIG welding and manual metal arc welding are in stock.

For workshop construction and installation of our products we have experienced personnel as well as trained and examined welders, for all kinds of welding methodes and building materials.

Our products can be completed with protection against corrosion, sandblasting included.
The internal acceptance department supervices manufacturing and quality guaranty, which includes all stipulated mechanical and non destructive tests.

Profit of our long-time experience and name us your problems and inquiries.
As we mostly work for plant-construction, we are sure, that we have the according knowledge to find suitable solutions to your questions.
Of course we can do engineering work also without manufacturing.